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Friday, May 4, 2007


Flapper and Her Art Deco Dog
Orpha Klinker - San Fernando Valley Artist - 1920s
collection of Phyllis Hansen

Valley artist Orpha Klinker, whose pastel of Mrs. Armitage Forbes was just purchased by Campo de Cahuenga, was one dynmaic woman! She not only served the Campo as its Vice President, but worked on behalf of over 50 other charities and community organizations. Best of all, she was a prolific artist, who reflected the styles and design interests of her time.


fylis said...

Orpha Klinker shared a home/studio with her brother, Zeno Klinker, who was head writer for Edgar Bergen and his Charlie McCarthy alter-ego "dummy". When the third character, a female, was added to the ventriloquist's lineup, they held a contest for the name, but thought Klinker just couldn't be beat. Hence, Effie Klinker became a part of the cast, and family lore has it that many of Effie's ideas and antics were inspired by Orpha. I can now claim a bona fide dummy as a relative.

Museum of San Fernando Valley said...

I love this information - since, I loved Edgar Bergen and "listened" to him on the radio with the big green eye, when I was a little boy in Mexico, Missouri.
I had an Aunt Effie and we used to say that her maiden name was Klinker.