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Monday, May 7, 2007


The keeping of war souvenirs is as old as human history. Often such items are contributed to organizations, such as The Museum of the San Fernando Valley, because they hold little interest to the families of veterans or from the desire of their owners to see that such items are properly cared for.
Since the inception of our Museum, we have been dedicated to the preservation of veterans' histories, especially of those of the men and women whose lives have been part in the history of the San Fernando Valley.
This week the Museum has acquired, and been promised future artifacts, from a United State Marine Corps veteran who fought in World War II. We will be sharing these objects with you via this Museum blog and later as part of our interactive website and virtual Museum. Each item in the collection will be photographed, documented and carefully preserved for study, research and potential display.
Because the Museum is limited in staff and resources, this World War II era donation is a perfect challenge for our rapidly developing "Museum Community for the 21st Century." The wooden tag, pictured in this message, is about 2 ½ inches tall and 1 and ½ inches wide. Let's see if we can solve this puzzle. What does it say? What was it used for? With what organizations should your Museum share the news of our discoveries?
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