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Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Detail from the Keiskamma Altarpiece

For those of us who missed the amazing Keiskamma Altarpiece on exhibit at the Fowler Museum (UCLA) or at the United Methodist Church in Santa Monica, there is now one terrific reason for a weekend in San Francisco. Grace Cathedral will host the display of this world-class treasure, the Keiskamma Altarpiece until May 29, 2007.

The wonderful hand sewn Keiskamma is a profound statement of hope against the darkest hours of plague and suffering. The "grandmothers" of Hamburg, South Africa have seen the loss of over 60% of their community within a decade. Virtually without young mothers and fathers, these elderly women are raising HIV infected children against colossal odds.

Not since Mattias Grunwald great Isenbeim Altarpiece in 1515 has such a profound artistic statement been made in the form of an altarpiece. In the 1500s the plague was called St. Anthony's fire, in Hamburg, South Africa it is called AIDS. Jerry Fecht - 7k

Can you see the footprint of mankind on nature in the tapestry?

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