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Friday, April 6, 2007


Since the invention of the printing press, vital historical information has been encoded onto paper. One charming way your Museum learns about our City and Valley is through the collection and archiving of Post Cards. Thanks to our officers Gary Fredburg and Fred Berk, we've been actively collecting San Fernando Valley Post Cards for the last three years.

In this very short time, your Museum has aquired rare and colorful images such as: "Satan" The Movie Wrestling Tiger (Van Nuys), "The Capital of Filmland" (Universal City), "The San Fernando Motor Court", and "Mickey Rooney's Home" (Encino). Putting together the history of the San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles community, is a lot like finding the pieces to a jigsaw puzzle. And, amassing a comprehensive collection of vintage post cards is one really fun ways of working at it.

The Museum's friend Jim Cavener has just alerted us to an April 2nd article in the Los Angeles Times about a special exhibit of Los Angeles vitange post cards going on at the City's wonderful Heritage Square Museum. We agree with Jim that the article by Time Staff Writer, Bob Pool is a great insight into the historical value of vintage post cards. Check it out. And, by the way, if you want to help us build The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's Post Card archieve, give us a call: (818) 347-9665.,1,3233260.story

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