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Monday, April 9, 2007


Flower Bed on Tapanaga Canyon Boulevard - Chatsworth

This last week, Genevieve Rebbe of Granite Falls, Washington sent The Museum of the San Fernando Valley an especially nice little gift. Ms. Rebbe, sorting through a jewelry box, found her Van Nuys Junior High School graduation pin from 1948. The pin is a little gold shield with the letter LA at the top, JHS at the center and VN at the bottom. Thanks Ms. Rebbe for thinking of your very own Museum down in California.
Building a Museum for today and for future generations requires all kinds of activities and support. Sometimes its a little donation such as Genevieve Rebbe's Van Nuys Junior High School pin that is especially important. The small pin is now, not only part of our San Fernando Valley history collection, but tells us that someone, all the way up in Granite Falls, Washington is rooting for our success. Thanks a million!

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