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Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Saving Los Angeles Conference"

Thanks to those of you who attended the "Saving Los Angeles Conference" this last Sunday. The speakers were really good and the subjects well presented. Special thanks to Shel Weisbach (The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's chair of Contemporary / Popular Culture) who shared note-taking with me. Thanks also to our Museum's advisors, John Bwarie and Richard Bogy for attending the Conference with us.
The importance of a Museum of Los Angeles was addressed by the conference organizer Brady Westwater. Brady sees the museum located downtown, in his neighborhood district, with satellites around town. Your Museum representatives feel that the City Museum should be more like the University of California, with shared branches... example:
Los Angeles Museum San Fernando Valley
Los Angeles Museum Civic Center

What are your thoughts on this?

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Studio City History Project said...

I think it would be more cost effective to have a central museum. It is very expensive to preserve and display artifacts. However, I also think there local history such as yearbooks, local newspapers, local civic organizations, should be available to the local community. Perhaps we could work with the Los Angeles Public Library to establish "history" rooms in the local branches. I refer you to the room the El Segundo Historical Soceity has in its local library. It is absolutely fabulous!