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Saturday, March 31, 2007


My wife and I have two great friends who join us, about every two weeks, on an art-history-culture adventure somewhere in Southern California. Today we went to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana. From the line at the door, the entrance fee of Seventeen Dollars didn't seem to deter anyone.
Just as we were about to get our tickets, a man behind us introduced himself as a retired LA Unified School District teacher, and added that he lives in Tarzana (coincidentally only four blocks from my home.) He asked me about my occupation, and I explained my full-time effort to bring about a great regional Museum of History and Culture for the San Fernando Valley and to secure a City-wide Museum for Los Angeles. He was overjoyed with the presence our association, and our commitment to develop The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. "This has been too long in coming," he emphasized!
The Bowers has three good shows going on. They include "Treasures From Shanghai - 5000 Years of Art and Culture," "Mummies - From the British Museum", and a fine collection of the photographs of Ansel Adams. We enjoyed our visit, ate lunch in the museum's café and spent money in the Bowers bookstore. (In case anyone has forgotten, this is called 'cultural tourism' or 'in-tourism'.) The fellow behind us in line paid for the admission of six family members or friends.
Just think of the benefits our Museum of the San Fernando Valley will bring to the 1,800,000 people who share our home.
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