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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Having previously serving as the Director of Preservation Issue for the L.A. Conservancy, Ken Bernstein has been chosen the new Manager for the Office of Historic Resources for the City of Los Angeles. (The office is a division of the City's Department of Planning.

Bernsten as the lead staff member for the City's Cultural Heritage Commission will oversee a much needed, multi-year citywide survey of historic resources. This survey, supported in part by the Getty Foundation, is an essential step in a comprehensive historic preservation program for greater Los Angeles. Less than 15% of the City's historic resources have been surveyed. (Guess which major part of the City been left out in surveys over past decades - the San Fernando Valley!)

Now, the San Fernando Valley will at long last have a complete survey of our historical sites and resources! Our Museum plans to support this study in every way possible.

If you are interested in being placed on the Office of Historic Resources e-mail newsletter list go to:
and click on Historic Preservation

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