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Monday, February 19, 2018

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley Announces Dana Radke to The Museum's board of directors

The Museum of the San Fernando Valley is pleased to announce Dana Radke has joined The Museum's board of directors.

Dana was born in Santa Monica, but has lived in the Valley and West Hills for over 50 years. He attended Chatsworth High and L.A. Valley College, where he studied metal machining and also at the West Valley Occupational Center, where he studied electronic assembly.

He served in the Air Force and following moved Reno, Nevada where he was a Field Service Technician for video poker and slot machines.

Dana returned to the Valley where he worked alongside his mother, who was a singer, musician and voice coach. He operated a recording studio, produced music and assisted people preparing for auditions and helped train voice actors.

He has a lifelong interest in photography and has operated dark rooms and produced prints for personal as well as commercial use. 

Other interests include computers where he has learned various computer languages such as Assembly, Promal, HTML and Java Script.

Also, for quite a few years, he has had an interest in Valley history. This led Dana to start looking up photographs of old Valley buildings. This, in turn, has lead Dana to manage the current and ongoing Museum project, Then and Now. He is researching countless areas for photographs of Then and then taking photographs of the Now.

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