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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Prepare for the Paranormal - 6/3/17


SATURDAY - JUNE 3, 2017 

Creepy Jenny is visiting Your Museum and bringing her friends to tell you all about the paranormal world.

Confirmed Guest Speakers Include:

  • Psychic Christina George from Paranormal Connections . George will be broadcasting the event live for her radio show. She will discuss how items, such as dolls, can work as a conduit to the spirit world and how a person can leave their imprint on a personal token. She will also be reading your items at the event.
  • Researcher Brandon Alvis of American Paranormal Research AssociationAlvis will discuss the historical scientific paranormal investigation and documentation of historical buildings throughout the world.
  • Medium Tara V. MeadMead is an excellent spirit photographer, medium and healer.
  • Joe Mendoza and Mendy Baker from 3AM ParanormalMendoza will be talking about ITC/Spirit boxes and communicating with the other side. Baker will be reading items.
  • Joshua Leyvas from Paranormal WestLeyvas will be speaking about electronic voice phenomenas and Audible Voice Phenomenas.
  • Stefan Brigati is a TV/Radio Personality and the host of the international radio show My Darkest Hour on LiveParanormal and History FM in addition he is the Founder of Pacific Coast Paranormal and has been investigating the Paranormal for 24 years. He will be speaking about Infra Sound and how it effects the Paranormal.



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