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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


The Museum had the pleasure to host one of a number of Brandeis University alumni groups on June 2nd.

The group of approximate 25 ladies enjoyed a docent-led discussion about various Museum programs, upcoming exhibits as well as overviews of the history of aerospace, aviation, art, agriculture, history, transportation, entertainment and water. 

Many of the attendees were either from the valley or have lived in the valley for many years. So, we worked hard to come up with some factoids that would be worth of recalling. 

After asking questions such as, "how many of the ladies here remember the citrus groves?  Farms? Dairies? Well, most hands were raised for these three areas.

Some stories offered included growing up in one of the first housing tracts in or near Panorama City,  remembering friends who were able to sell citrus to Sunkist, the General Motors plant and the open spaces of the valley.

The Museum cherishes the stories from visitors. For those that have a lot to say... we offer an opportunity participate in the Narrating Lives: Oral Histories of the San Fernando Valley program.  This is a no cost interview about events and experiences in living or working in the valley.

If there is interest in being considered, please click the link HERE or contact Lee Davis at The Museum at 818-347-9665 and we will send out a form to fill out.

From an artifact standpoint, if you have a photo, postcard, program, etc. that you would like to hold on to, this is fine, The Museum requests the opportunity to scan and return.

If you come across an item at your home, in a drawer, in the garage that can be partied with, The Museum would be glad to review the item.  For any artifacts, please contact Gary Fredburg at The Museum office.