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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Guy Newell, a local artist and former employee at the General Motors automobile manufacturing plant from 1959 until it closed in 1992, donated some artifacts to The Museum.

The Museum greatly appreciates the donated items. Based on Guy's experiences, he may become part of our Oral Histories program where we can capture his thoughts, feelings and stories from his time at the Van Nuys Plant.

If you either were old enough to drive and or recall might of General Motors during this time, you will appreciate and enjoy reading the book and booklet.

On the bottom of the medallion, it reads, "Over 6 million vehicles produced."

NOW, there's a host of reasons why we love new artifacts for The Museum. One, that The Museum can remain focused on its core mission of promoting the history, art and culture of the San Fernando Valley. Secondly, is to collect and savor the reactions of people when they view an image such as...

The General Motors plant in 1947.

Okay, this may seem weird, but we want you to raise your hand high (don't worry, no one will see) if you would have been interested in buying some land around the plant in 1947?  Come on... raise your hand!

Now, if you missed that purchase of land, you could have returned in 1990 to buy some acreage... if you could have found any to purchase.

If YOU worked at or know someone that worked at the GM plant that would be interested in donating additional artifacts, please contact Gary Fredburg, Chair, Artifact Commitee at 818-347-9665 or

If you have stories to share about growing up near the plant, please email us at

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Thank you Guy, a great piece of Valley history.