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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Al Martinez writes his last column, says goodbye

Woodland Hills, CA –Thanks to Al Martinez for all of his wit, wisdom, humor and writing ability over the years. His columns and stories will be missed.

In his own words:
It is because this is my last day as a columnist for the Daily News and perhaps the last day of the me that has written columns for three different newspapers over the last four decades. I have been a journalist since 1952 after a tour of duty with the Marines in Korea. I decided at the outset that feature or column writing would be my goal because they offered opportunities to display one's writing abilities. News stories, by the demands of form and content, were limiting. I wanted no restraints.

I'll miss it terribly and I'll miss you, but I'll be all right. Just a little lonely, that's all, without the me that used to be me.

To read his last column, please click HERE.

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