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Saturday, July 21, 2012



Little or nothing remains of the once strategic Olive View Sanitarium in Sylmar. Most of the structures of the abandoned tuberculosis hospital were destroyed by fire in 1962, and the remainder wiped out in the Sayre Fire years later.

Olive View Sanitarium in Olive View, California; Historic postcard gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Gary Fredburg 2012.  (click on image to enlarge)

It is hard to imagine that Americans with tuberculosis, when this hospital was built in the 1920s, were required by law to enter sanitariums.  Sylmar was once world famous for its olive trees and healthful air.


Steven Lester said...

I lived in Sylmar for several years and it is true that practically every afternoon the air was freshened by a strong breeze out of the north, which in turn would blow the smog away leading to brilliant blue sky, at least as far as San Fernando.

Dee said...

As a little girl in the 50s I was admitted to Oliveview Saniturm for TB. I remeber a few things

Michele Bergez said...

My mom was in the sanitariam in the late thirties for about 7 years. I have photos of her and her patient friends along with photos of all the staff and all their names. Also have my mom's diary from when she was in there. She was just 12 when she went in.