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Saturday, May 12, 2012



A recurring statement made by members of our Museum Community is that "the San Fernando Valley is in the very heart of the entertainment capital of the world." Nearly everyone who visits our Expo Space in the Westfield Fashion Square mall relates to the memorabilia and images of the many performers and films related to Valley history. Actors, screen writers and those who work in the many crafts related to film, television and video games regularly visit the site. 
Among the most recent was the up and coming young actor Edin Gali, the recurring guest-star of the AMC television show "Mad Men," an Emmy nominated production. He plays the role of Kurt Smith. 

Edin Gali was born in Bosnia, attended elementary schools in Germany and came with his family to Saint Louis, Missouri where he completed his education at Melville Senior High School. He studied acting under Sharon Pfitzinger before moving to the San Fernando Valley to pursue his career as a film and television actor. Edin resides in Valley Village. He has appeared in television commercials for Dr. Pepper, Wrigley, and Maxwell House Coffee.

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