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Wednesday, July 6, 2011



What better way to spend a summer's day than sitting in the shade of a massive California live oak tree on the grounds of the wonderful old Leonis Adobe in Calabasas. I love this priceless part of our Southern California heritage. The adobe's grounds are only a few yards across the street from Calabasas Creek, the cooling headwaters of the Los Angeles River. Kids, and most honest adults, are simply amazed at the enormous long horn cattle at the adobe farm yard- it's worth a drive from Sylmar just to see them. If you are the kind who whines about our July San Fertnando Valley's heat, then include a visit next door for one of the Sage Brush Cantina's Margaritas.

I began my walk of Ventura Boulevard a few years ago by exploring the Leonis Adobe. This site alone justifies a fascination with San Fernando Valley history. It is said that the man for whom the adobe is named was the first vehicle casualty in the Cahuenga Pass coming from Hollywood into the Valley. He fell off of a wagon in the canyon.  Some say his ghost haunts the place - probably around Halloween. 

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California Girl said...

My best friend lived in a 1960s' development down the road from the Valley Circle offramp. As young teenagers, we would often walk to Old Calabasas to the store by the Hangman's Tree. It was dusty, rustic and fun, long before the Cantina was built. The Adobe was beautiful even then. Calabasas has grown up to the point of being unrecognizable now but the Adobe prevails and, you're right, the margaritas @ Sagebrush are delicious.