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Sunday, May 2, 2010



Rania Pallad, Treasurer of The Museum, hands out markers and crayons to the MSFV's table at MOCA - Photo by Gerald Fecht for the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley

The Museum's new signs let everyone in MOCA's plaza know that the San Fernando Valley is a super important part of the Los Angles Art Scene. Rania Pallad, Jerry Fecht and Willard Simms at our table.
Watching our Museum advisor, Fabrizio Flores in action today directing MOCA's Big Family Day was inspiring. Over a thousand people of all ages crowded the plaza of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA), just across the street from Disney Hall.
The Museum of the San Fernando Valley gave away posters, suitable for coloring, of neat things to do in the Valley. They were a big hit. The first thing that kids colored in were the pumpkins representing the Farm Center at Pierce College.
Special thanks to the artist Joseph Saenz and member of the Board of The Museum, Elizabeth Morin for producing the posters. Thanks too to Rania Pallad and Willard Simms who "personed" The Museum's table for most of the afternoon.
The Grammy Museum had drums for kids to try out.
We were right next to the folks from the new Grammy Museum's Education Department. Since Kait and Mike both live in Studio City, we had the chance to invite them to The Museum's walking tour and the big 75th Anniversary of Republic Studios next September.

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