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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


arial view of Burbank - negative gift from Gary Fredburg to the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley 2009 (click on image to enlarge)
Don't forget the May meeting of your Museum tonight
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Valley Economic Alliance Board Room - 6 pm until 8 pm

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Jamma said...

Sorry I didn't send this in time for your meeting ... perhaps someone in attendance could have provided some help.
I heard about your blog from a friend who recently took the North Hollywood tour.
We both grew up in NH and are trying to recreate in our minds the order of the stores in the early 1960s Valley Plaza, from Sears north to Archwood Street. (We really SHOULD be able to remember, as we spent every Saturday there, but are blank spots.)
Would love to hear from anyone with store listings, photos or just a better memory.
Thank you.