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Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The San Fernando Valley is filled with memories of the American Civil War.

"This was taken Nov. 24th, 1915. The church was dedicated Nove. 30th, 1876 on Thanksgiving Day.
This is the school house where we sent to school and in which we enlisted in 1861 for the war.
The school house was built some time in 1847 or 1848 - no one living seems to know. The auto is Paul W. Hatches. The house Wm. Tripps. James S. Hatch."

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The house of William Tripps is at the far left. The school house is in the center of the photo and the church to the right in the foreground.
Since James E. Moss grow to manhood in Little Rock, Kendall County, Illinois - this photo is likely from that area of Illinois.
I believe the writer James S. Hatch was one of the Three Jims of Civil War fame.
Jerry Fecht

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