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Friday, March 27, 2009


Dear L.A. Heritage Day Participating Organizations-
Congratulations on your efforts to make L.A. Heritage Day a huge
success! Each of your groups added to the energy that brought out over
850 attendees (though some would estimate closer to 1000!) that
visited the Heritage Square Museum's grounds. We had two informative
panel discussions that drew over 30 participants, and though it may
have been a bit windy, the rain subsided and the day was welcoming to
all attendees!

Based on the initial feedback found on the surveys and in
conversations from you, participating groups found the event very
positive, and we will build on the things that made this event
successful to host another, even better event next year! For example,
based on the inspiration of booths like those of Alhambra
Preservation, Point Fermin Lighthouse, and MANY others, we'll be
offering a resource sheet on how to set up an "outreach booth" as well
as offer prizes for the best booths next year! (Look for more
information later in 2009 on that aspect of the day.)

A special thanks again goes out to my fellow steering committee
members -- Carmela Gomes of Highland Park Heritage Trust, Laura Meyers
of West Adams Heritage, Cindy Olnick of The Los Angeles Conservancy,
Brian Sheridan of Heritage Square Museum, and Valerie Yaros of
Hollywood Heritage -- and the L.A.H.D. sponsors: Project Restore,
Preservation Arts, and Spectra Company.

The L.A. Heritage Alliance will continue to update you with news and
resources and provide programs to assist your organizations based on
the feedback from the survey forms you all completed. Volunteers,
Fundraising, Marketing, and Web Presence continue to be the stand-out
issues of need, so look for programs and tips in the near future on
these topics. Also, please keep in touch with us with other needs your
organization might have that we can work on together as the heritage
community of Los Angeles.

Planning starts again soon for next year's L.A. Heritage Day, so if
you're interested in being a part of this growing event, please let me
know so we can start working together to preserve and promote our
shared Los Angeles heritage!

Sincerely, JOHN

John Bwarie,
L.A. Heritage Alliance

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