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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

California State Senator Robert Hertzberg has selected The Museum of the San Fernando Valley as its 2018 California Nonprofit of the Year for Senate District 18

The 3rd annual California Nonprofit of the Year event will recognize up to 100 non-profit organizations at an event in Sacramento on June 6, 2018. California State Senator Robert Hertzberg selected The Museum of the San Fernando Valley as its California Nonprofit of the Year for Senate District 18.

Each nonprofit was selected by their CA State Senator and Assemblymember as an exceptional nonprofit organization in the district.

“This is an honor that we very much appreciate,” said Michel Stevens, President of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley. “As a free all-volunteer museum, this award reflects the drive and hard work put in by our past and present board members, advisors, docents, Valley-based artists, tour guides, speakers, curators, Friends of The Museum, all other volunteers, alliance partners and our original founder Dr. Gerald Fecht. This award adds further energy for our mission to continue to educate Valley residents and guests about the history, art and culture of the San Fernando Valley.”

Honorees (attending will be Michel Stevens, President and Jackie Langa, Vice President) will visit the Senate and Assembly floors and then will gather for a luncheon and program joined by many legislators.

"California Nonprofits Day not only honors and spotlights the excellence of individual nonprofits but raises the profile of the entire community to legislators," said CalNonProfits CEO Jan Masaoka.

The California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits) is a statewide membership organization that brings nonprofits together to advocate for the communities it serves. It also works with legislators and nonprofit coalitions to develop legislation that will allow nonprofits to bring our full power to serving its communities and remove the obstacles to efficient contracting and high-impact work.

Bob Hertzberg is the first former Assembly Speaker in 86 years to be elected to the California State Senate, and one of only six lawmakers in California history to serve as Assembly Speaker and subsequently win a seat in the Senate. Now representing nearly 1 million residents of the San Fernando Valley in the Senate, Hertzberg remains committed to looking at the big challenges facing California. After serving in the Assembly from 1996-2002, including two years as Speaker, Hertzberg invested in solar, wind and electric-car projects; and worked for structural changes in government through the Think Long Committee of California. Hertzberg returned to the Legislature determined to work on governing for the next generation taking on tough issues such as tax reform, water policy, renewable energy and repairing the courts.  He currently chairs the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water and serves on the Committee on Governance and Finance; the Committee on Elections and Constitutional Amendments; and the Committee on Energy, Utilities and Communications; the Committee on the Judiciary. The Senator's valley office may be reached at 818-901-5588 or by visiting


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