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Friday, August 18, 2017


LOS ANGELES— On August 18 (8.18 day), we celebrate the historical importance of the San
Fernando Valley which makes up a majority of the 818 area code. To mark the occasion,
Councilmember Mitchell Englander introduced a pair of motions designating the Chatsworth-
Northridge industrial core to reinforce and reimagine the historical role of the San Fernando
Valley as the region’s primary hub for new industries and technology.

“Growing up in the San Fernando Valley, I saw firsthand how the aerospace and other local
technology industries shaped the economy and culture of Southern California,” said
Councilmember Englander. “On this 818 Day, we have a chance to not just celebrate this
history, but harness the Valley’s unique potential to foster a new generation of industries
providing jobs and economic opportunity for families throughout the region.”

The San Fernando Valley is historically the technological core of the aerospace industry in
southern California. The West Valley has been the hub of industry and innovation going back to
the beginnings of the aerospace industry. As a result, the Chatsworth and Northridge
communities are home to many restricted light industrial properties which are unique in Los
Angeles for their contiguous zoning.

The continued siting of restricted light industrial uses within the Chatsworth and Northridge
communities is of utmost importance to the economic development of our San Fernando Valley
communities, but also for the City and the entire southern California region. The motions
introduced today will ensure that the Chatsworth-Northridge core remains as one of the few
contiguous zones in Los Angeles suitable for the location of high-tech, clean-tech, green-tech
and bio-tech uses.

The first step toward achieving this goal is to define and designate the boundaries of this area.
The second step includes a partnership, between Council District 12 and the City Planning
Department, to develop an inventory of assets in the area including transportation modes,
housing and infrastructure, schools and education, fiber and internet speed capabilities, power
assessments and the unique culture of the West Valley.

Colin Sweeney
Communications Director
Cell (213) 804-5811


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