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Friday, August 12, 2016

The Los Angeles Rams - a rich history throughout L.A. and valley - what do you recall?

Since The Museum offers the history, art and culture of the valley, let's stretch a bit, based on the historic occasion of the Los Angeles Rams returning to L.A after many years absence.

Do you recall any of these players?  Do you have Ram artifacts you would like to donate to The Museum?  Here we go...

1946 Los Angeles Rams Roster included:
Bob Waterfield, QB
Tom Harman, RB, WR, PR

                                                  (Bob Waterfield, QB)

1960 Los Angeles Rams Roster included:

Dick Bass, RB
Carroll Dale, WR
Billy Wade, QB
Jack Pardee, LB

1966 Los Angeles Rams Roster included:

50 years ago - look at the household names!

                                                    (Roman Gabriel, QB)

The Fearsome Foursome!
Merlin Olsen #74
Deacon Jones #75
Rosey Grier #76
Lamar Lundy #85

Jack Snow #84
Les Josephson #34

                                                        (Tom Mack #65)
Joe Scibelli #73

As a kid, you always remember the names, jersey numbers, positions and good times watching from the stands.

Okay, how about the 1976 Los Angeles Rams... who were your favorite players?

Lawrence McCutcheon, RB
Rich Saul, C

                                                     (Jackie Slater, OT)

Pat Haden, QB, 
Ron Jaworski, QB
John Cappelletti, RB  
Fred Dryer, DE (went on to movie star fame)
Harold Jackson, WR
Dennis Harrah, OG
Jim Youngblood, LB
Jack Youngblood, DE
Jack Reynolds, LB

Household names!!!

Okay, how about the 1979 Los Angeles Rams., the last year at the Coliseum, who were your favorite players?

How about these guys...

                                                      (Cullen Bryant, RB)

Nolan Cromwell, DB

                                                    (Vince Ferragamo, QB)

Dave Emendorf, DB
Doug France, OT

The 1979 L.A. Rams seemed like it was going to be a good season, but ended up a great season as Vince Ferragamo led the charge down the stretch in the playoffs all the way to the Super Bowl, which was played at the Rose Bowl!

The Rams moved to Anaheim in 1980.

More info on the Rams will be posted - please comment and let us know your thoughts. Also, as another reminder, if you have L.A. Rams stuff collecting dust in a closet, bring some of it down to The Museum. 

If you want to retain the item, allow us to take a photo of scan the image. If you want to donate it, we will have a member of the archives committee meet you at The Museum.

posted by Mike Stevens

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