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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Well, if you were one of the fortunate 500-600 or so Museum enthusiasts to enter The Museum, enjoy the diverse exhibits and participate in a very special program including seven current and former Los Angeles City Council Members, City Controller, CA State Assemblyman, Head of Valley business leaders (The Valley Economic Alliance), Nancy Cartwright, Honorary Mayor of Northridge, Head of City of Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources and Scott Sterling, President, you were treated to a special occasion.

Much thanks to Elisabeth Waldo of Rancho Cordillera del Norte, Dana and Paul Dentzel who have partnered with The Museum and are our landlords. Their vision to secure more culture in the Valley and mix corporate and culture together is making a difference.

Also, attendees were treated to the New Sahara Gallery located on the second floor too.

There was entertainment provided by Center Stage Opera (always terrific), a car show, food truck and plenty of donated wine to go around too!

The feedback on the exhibits was fantastic.  The opportunity for valley residents and friends to meet and listen to actual WWII stories from the Veterans on the battlefield and up in the air was amazing.

The photographs of Leigh Wiener wooed the guests.

The Valley Times exhibit brought out many stories from visitors of where they were in a moment in time.

More to come from the Grand Opening!

Thank you to all - The Museum is primarily funded via memberships and donations. All of the support on November 8th was appreciated. We hope more people contribute, join and frequent The Museum.

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