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Thursday, October 10, 2013


CHERISHING OUR VALLEY                 2013

There is much discussion going on throughout the Valley, and indeed the nation, concerning brain damage done to athletes by football and boxing blows. In 1932 Maxie Rosenbloom won the Light Weight Boxing Championship of the World. He only reigned for two years, but too long to protect him from a career of repeated punches to the head. Maxie suffered a lifetime of physical motor problems. 
Somehow, the boxer's media nickname of Slapy Maxie caught the fancy of the public. His bruised features and "punchy" appearance won him important film and television roles. When Slapsy Maxie died he was buried in Valhalla Memorial Park in North Hollywood.
Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom - autographed image in the National Tour of Guys and Dolls program. Gift to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley from Ralph Muzzillo Jr. 2013.

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