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Thursday, September 27, 2012



These three images from the San Fernando Valley are from vintage postcards given to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley by Gary Fredburg in 2012.  (click on images to enlarge them.)

Paradise Park's Camp Playtime - 5520 Van Nuys Boulevard in Van Nuys. STate 6-6811 - date of postcard is unknown.

 Hollywood Freeway looking into the San Fernando Valley - The caption on the card sates that "Hollywood seen in the distance.  I think the caption is in error and that the view is looking into the Valley.
The card was mailed in 1968 to Mr. and Mrs. A. J. McCreary - 228 Alton Street in Battle Creek, Michigan. The card reads:
"Hi Pals, Well the plane stayed up. Little heavy on one side. Boy there is no other way to go. Never thank the ground from B.C. to here. Go into Chicago on ramp. See lots things. Going to Disneyland Sun. H. going fishing Sat.   see you   Katherine Harold."

Jim Gentry's Safari Room - 15426 Devonshire, Mission Hills, California - When in San Fernando -= visit Jim Gentry's Fin and Feather - 800 San Fernando Road.


California Girl said...

That is definitely looking towards the Valley from the Cahuenga Pass. I took that route every day with my father when I worked for him. Universal Studios (prior to the theme park) would be on the right side of the freeway shot.

David Coscia said...

Hello MSFV,

Unfortunately, this is NOT the San Fernando Valley. This is the Hollywood Freeway in the Silver Lake area. Note the exit sign for Rampart Boulevard. There is a "cut" that the freeway goes through just before downtown. The former Queen of Angels Hospital is on top of the cut to the right. Sorry...

The Safari Room is still in business in Mission Hills. I have never eaten there but if you like "old school" steak houses, I hear the food is good.

California Girl said...

I stand corrected.