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Saturday, June 30, 2012


I skipped an LA Dodgers game to come to the history program at the Westfield mall this last Thursday.  The Dodgers lost - The Museum won by a landslide!

The entire Dining Terrace area was filled with over 100 guests! The speaker was lots of fun and obviously much liked by his  audience.

The program included:
  • Juliet Mothershed from Westfield Fashion Square welcomed the Museum's 100 guests.
  • Jerry Fecht, President of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley provide an introduction to The Museum.
  • Michel Stevens, Chair of Marketing and Development of The Museum, organized and acted as MC for the event and introduced other Museum board members that attended.
  • Burbank born Tommy Gelinas, founder and owner of Valley Relics (one of the largest private collections of San Fernando Valley memorabilia) was the featured speaker. He reminded his audience of the many once popular but now gone eateries of the Valley. He accompanied his talk with great slides of years gone by, including ones of what the Westfield Mall on Riverside Drive once looked.


Tommy Gelinas, Founder and Curator of Valley Relics, speaks to The Museum audience about San Fernando Valley cafes and historic restaurants.  Photo by Phyllis Hansen

Scott Sterling, board member and Gerald Fecht, President-Tommy Gelinas-Juliet Mothershed, Marketing Director of Westfield Fashion Square and Michel Stevens, board member at Taste of History event.

 The new Dining Terrace at the Westfield Fashion Square was entirely filled by Museum guests who came to hear the Valley celebrity speaker Tommy Gelinas. Photo by Phyllis Hansen. (click on image to enlarge it.)

Tommy and Michel Stevens arranged for so many door prizes that nearly everyone who came to the talk won one. Photograph by Phyllis Hansen.

Most of the audience stayed until the very end, when we all serenaded Tommy with "I wish I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner..."

Please join us for the next Taste of History event on Thursday, July 26th as The Museum offer a program on the history of Campo de Cahuenga.

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