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Monday, January 16, 2012



This last week, I spoke to the Van Nuys Rotary Club at the 94th Aero Squdron restaurant next to the Van Nuys Airport. Since there were young people from Birmingham High School at the luncheon, I changed my usual Museum talk to the building of Birmingham Hospital, the strategic important of Van Nuys Airport in World War II, the making of the film Casablanca. Don't worry, I made sure to include vital information about The Museum as well. 
Sheet music for "Over There: by George M. Cohan - group dining area of the 94th Aero Squdron restaurant in Van Nuys  (click on image to enlarge it)

Had there been students from Granada Hills, I most likely would have used this great old music sheet cover to talk about the great old time actor James Cagney and his role in 1944 of George M. Cohan. Jimmy Cagney had a ranch in Granada Hills, and inspired America with the great old WWI song
The Museum plans to create a mobile exhibit on the life and times of James Cagney. Don't you agree that kids today should get to hear and see Cagney performing, "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy?"

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Patricia Mack said...

How right you are, Mr. Fecht, about how great the work of James Cagney still is. I recently completed my film degree at CSUN, and was thrilled that they still covered Mr. Cagney's classic movies in the film program. When they screened clips of "Public Enemy" the students responded with enthusiasm. Good work is timeless. It's wonderful that one of our local museums is paying tribute to an amazing actor.