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Friday, December 23, 2011



Mr. Glenn E. Mueller of Diamond Bar shares this insight into the famous Bob and Dolores Hope home in Toluca Lake.
“My folks & I lived at 4348 Ledge Ave. in what's now Toluca Lake, during 1941 to 1951, it was North Hollywood . . .

My dad had an aerial photo taken in 1944 which includes Bob Hope's house on the left. The street running up the top of the picture is Woodbridge and Bloomfield runs "into our driveway." 

(Click on photograph to enlarge it.)
Future Home for Bob and Dolores Hope

I graduated both North Hollywood Jr. High and the North Hollywood High School  S-54 class . . My sister, Marilyn, was a graduate of both but S-56 from North Hollywood High School
The 2nd attachment is when "we" sold the house. Bob Hope bought it to live in while his mansion was renovated. Then he subdivided the three acres we had and sold off the lots. Hope brought his residence property line up to the driveway and behind the four car garage (not 3 as mentioned in the LA Times) which increased his golfing area.

That $70,000 sale price is now going for $2,500,000.00 and that's just for the driveway up behind the house and down the south side of the house to Ledge.  The pool was built in 1946 . . . . “


Paul Hersh said...
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Paul Hersh said...

Mr. Mueller,
Thank you for sharing this photo.

My Father and grandparents moved into the house at the northern corner of Ledge Ave. and Bloomfield around 1952. My grandparents lived there until 1968. Because the family had moved to Toluca Lake from Hollywood, my father attended Hollywood High (class of '53).

I appreciate your posting this picture. I will be sharing it with my siblings and cousins. We had good times at that house. My grandfather put in a swimming pool and one of those aqua blue fiberglass and aluminum slides that were all the rage.

Paul Hersh

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