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Tuesday, December 14, 2010



So that Liane Schirmer won't scold me, here's a continuation of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley's commemoration of the City of Los Angeles' big 230th birthday next year. We will be putting 230 historic images on our blog - Here are images 227- 226 - 225.

                                                  The Ambassor Hotel's Crystal Plunge 
                                              (click on image to enlarge)      August 15, 1939
" Mrs Emma H. Crowder 117 McGregor Street, Lebanon Tenn."
"Hello little girl, Suday afternoon. I am home, as blue as blue can be. Gee, how I wish you were here. Grammie Bell still very sick. Connie is better. Jean is spending the day with me, and Buddy has a broken toe. Too sad about Uncle Bill. Ethelbert has a new car. My mother was over to see Sue last Sunday, She is well. Lovingly yours forever, Maude "  

      When Tony Wilkinson and I were graduate students at USC, we lived at the edge of Saint James Park just off Adams and Figueroa in Los Angeles. This very beautiful Christian Science church was historic even then.  -  Historic postcards in the Archives of The Museum of the San Fernando Valley - Gift from Gerald Fecht - December 2010 

Saint James Park - near Figueroa and Adams -
at the edge of the University of Southern California.

               Jan 1, 1910
"Miss Edna Buchannan, 584 Eath 9th Street – Portland Ore. Having a fine time. Weather is fine. We see the airships. Went to a small moving picture show last night. Went to Westlake Park today and fed ducks.             Hazel"     

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Earl"E" said...

I worked on those Stained glass windows, 70' ft. up block and tackle to get down and put back. I did the restoration of 16 of the 32 to windows, before it was sold, now the church is something else.