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Saturday, October 2, 2010


The Museum of the San Fernando Valley has grown to the place where we will be having quarterly public meetings to advance the preservation of Valley history and the celebration of our culture. We are planning to have Museum Community activists in every community in the greater San Fernando Valley. With more volunteers, we expect to discover countless treasures for us all to enjoy and learn from.
I took these photographs of the mosaics above the parking garage of the Whole Foods Market on Ventura Boulevard in Tarzana. Let's hope a volunteer from Tarzana can identify the artist.
Here the mosaic artist depicts the once prominent Tarzana Theater. (click on this image to read the marquee.)
One of the last great citrus orchards in the San Fernando Valley still survives in Tarzana.
From a tree supported Tarzan of the apes to the always running Los Angeles River, from the self promoting Angelyne to historic El Camino Real, Tarzana is a community of significant surprises.
Someday, hopefully soon, your Museum will be rich enough to do a search and buy images such as this. In the meanwhile, we'll keep our fingers crossed that a caring volunteer donor out there will find this citrus label and make it part of The Museum's permanent collection.
Visit the website of The Museum today to join our efforts to preserve San Fernando Valley history. www.the
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