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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


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Southern California has a brand new treasure, a splendid Chinese Garden at the Huntington in San Marino. Visitors from the San Fernando Valley can visit the beautiful one and a half acre lake garden by taking the 101 to the 134 freeway east to Pasadena, taking the Hill Street off-ramp and following the signage leading into the great Library complex. Early morning visits are best.
Pay attention to the free guide-pamphlet, and explore the Garden as if unrolling an ancient Chinese scroll. Five great stone bridges lead you to magical views of massive Tai Hu rocks, lotus ponds, sparkling koi and natural bird visitors. As expected, the trees and foliage are in their early stages (something you'll be able to brag about as you and the Garden take on years.) The Gardens are the perfect place to visit if the Olympic Games in Beijing are not on your schedule.

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