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Sunday, February 10, 2008


Orpha Klinker - Christmas Card Print on Wood - 1941 -
Collection of Phyllis Hansen - 2008

This composite image Christmas card print was done by the amazing Orpha Klinker in 1941. Phyllis Hansen notes that the card has a reference to "black outs", so it must have been done after the outbreak of World War II.
Around 1940, Orpha began doing commemorative images of various States and cities of the USA, on collectible china plates.
Orpha wasn't proud and augmented her income as an artist in many ways. But, she made a living in arts - no small accomplishment.
The work above is a print done on paper. It was printed to look like wood. Fooled me!
When The Museum of the San Fernando Valley lands a headquarters, we'll start searching for Orpha Klinker plates and buy them for you and future generations.

The San Fernando Valley deserves a great Museum of history and culture.

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babbling brook said...

Heh heh. Noooo, she was not prompt with her personal card designs. Orpha's cards nearly always apologize for being late because she also made a living designing holiday cards for others, which took priority. This card refers to "the blackout" the black box on the bottom right. That would make the card design post-December 7. The "wood" is the paper print. She always chose unique papers or materials for her unique cards, done annually.

Orpha designed a San Fernando Valley commemorative plate. Also a series of six California Centennial plates in collaboration with Mrs. A.S.C. Forbes who provided the historical text. One of the six was the Campo de Cahuenga plate celebrating the Valley location where the treaty was signed that led to statehood