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Thursday, November 1, 2007


Icon in progress of Santa Maria, Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles - Jerry Fecht's studio.

November 2nd and 3rd are believed by many folks, world wide, to be days during which the spirits of deceased loved ones (and sometimes, not-so-loved ones) can emerge from their graves to interact with the living.
In pre-Christian times the first day of the 9th month was the Feast of All Gods (Pantheos). The church usurped the holiday as the Feast of All Saints (All Hallows Day), and made the day a "holiday of obligation." (a day on which all Christians are to attend Mass.)
November 2nd was also taken over by Christains as All Souls Day. Ancient Pagans worshiped the Lars Spirits of males (genius = one male, genii = many guys) on the second of the month. Female Spirits (anima = one female, animas = for many women) on November 3rd. Deals could be made, then as now, to rescue souls from a nasty place called Purgatory, where every single misdeed had to be atoned for. Indulgences could be earned by prayers and good deeds to get one's loved ones into heaven.

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