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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Installation and Awards Assembly - Canoga park High School - January 18, 1945
Gift of Gary Fredburg to The Museum of the San Fernando Valley September 2007

When Joy Campbell tucked award her programs from the Awards Assemblies of January and June 1945, she could not have realized that her decision would become part of the history of her Valley. Not only are there precious autographs of her classmates, but would tell those of us living in the 21st century dozens of the small pieces of information that form the puzzle of what life was like for high school youth 62 long years ago.
Joyce Reid would win a Girl's Athletic Award and Jack Lawson would letter in B Basketball. Bob Santa Maria would be among the school's football heroes and Carter Gage would defend Canoga Park High's basketball honor. Joe Soler was a school "Sealbearer" and Dean Knouse was elected an "Ephebian." Don Van der Veer was a budding journalist and Pauline Holmes won a World Friendship Award. Bill Rivera was the sole member of the school's Stage Crew and Alice Wilmeth won a Perfect Attendance Award in the B-10 class. There were all-school paper drives, thrift awards and important roles related to the American flag.
Above all, what was life to be like to Kenny Wade in the senior class without the threat of the draft or war in his immediate future?
Gary Fredburg's gift is part of your Museum's growing collection of school memorabilia and yearbooks.

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Gerald R. Fecht said...

An additional artifact belonging to Joy Campbell is in the Museum's archieves. It referrs to Joy's perfect attendence. It is addressed to Sgt. and Mrs. Campbell. "Canoga Park High School is proud of the records it has made during the past school year in aiding the war effort ..."
Principal Charles H. Nettels